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Vanilla? Done.

Chocolate? Gone.

Strawberry? Annihilated.

Mint? Evaporated.

Cookie Dough...where did it go?

Inside my wife's crammed belly...oh.

So that's why she has a cold...
Summer Poem: Ice Cream
Another addition to my Summer poetry series. Enjoy!

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Pizza, soda, ice cream

So full and packed

She fulfilled her dream

And never slacked

When it comes to filling her belly for fun

My ravenous girlfriend is number one

The food sloshed in her distended gut

Making it quake, shake and jut

Belching and moaning without a care

Calm and rested on her derriere

She turns to me, replying quick

"I really love you...and this awesome picnic."

We then made out, hands within reach

Enjoying our company on an empty beach.
Summer Poem: Picnic Date
A poem I wrote on the fly; trying to get the writing momentum going.

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Thank you for the watches and faves so far! I would also like to thank you for the support over ten years, it's greatly appreciated. Happy New Year everyone!

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Saturday was here, and I'm full of happiness. Teresa and I were going to catch a flick at the downtown multiplex where I worked. Jumping out of bed, I raced to the bathroom to do a little happy jig before I did my usual morning routine: brush, shower, shave, and comb. Afterward, I made a nice breakfast of cheesy eggs, toast and turkey sausage.

As I got dressed in my room, all I could think of is Teresa and the events of yesterday. First, her understanding of my anxiety after my embarrassing episode. Then, her expressing her love for me. Of course, I couldn't forget that sexy belly rub I gave her. It drove me wild!

Oh yeah...and the “excitement”...and the dream that helped me...relieve it.

I chuckled to myself as I finished dressing and went out the door. Immediately, I got a text from Teresa on my phone:

Don't worry about picking me up. I'm already on my way to theater. See you there! Can't wait to see you, handsome! ;-)

I texted: Okay, see you there! Can't wait to see your beautiful self again!

Teresa replied: ;-*

I got off the bus stop by the theater and spotted her instantly. She was wearing a snug black-buttoned shirt with blue jeans and sneakers. Her hair was down, flowing and swirling in the wind. Teresa turned to me and smiled, her chubby cheeks slightly bulging.

“Alex! Hey!” She gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey Teresa. Looking beautiful as usual!”

“Why, thank you. You look pretty darn handsome as usual!”

“Thanks.” I blushed.

Teresa spoke. “So, what are we going to see today?”

“I thought maybe you could pick the movie. You know, as long as it's not too much of a chick flick.”

Teresa laughed. “Actually, I want to check out that new comedy, 'Tanger the Doppelganger', the one with the con man pretending to be people's alter egos?”

I nearly forgot Teresa enjoyed comedies as much as I did. “I've been wanting to check that one out too! Lucky for us, it's playing here. Not a lot of people seem to be seeing it though. Only about 12 tickets total last week.”

“Ouch.” Teresa replied. “That's a shame. Then again, I've barely seen any commercials on TV. By the way, how do you know it sold 12 tickets so far?”

“I've done a shift at the box office last Friday. We have computers that tell how many tickets each movie has sold thus far.”

Teresa smiled. “Interesting.”

I continued. “Yeah, it is. However, I barely work in the box office. My manager always stick me with broom line duty, which is cleaning theaters and bathrooms. Mostly by myself! I asked for doing some box office duties, but she barely cares. I was lucky to get one last week.”

“Shame. If she doesn't care, then why is she even a manager? I hate it when certain people get a higher position and don't do their jobs right. It sickens me.”

“I know, right? Working at the movies shouldn't be stressful. This is a place of fun. Escapism. Entertainment.”

“You know, that would make a great slogan.”

“Aww, you think so?” I made a goofy pout.

Teresa laughed. “Alex, you're hilarious. So, when's the next show?”

I checked my watch. “In about 15 minutes. Let's go get some grub and some seats. Don't worry, the tickets are free. Us employees get the VIP treatment.” I gave her a wink and we both chuckled as we made our way to the entrance.

As we got in, we were slightly shocked by the brisk air in the air-conditioned lobby. I took out my complimentary passes and made our way to the window. Working at the box office today was a slow one it seems (only one person working the computer. Man, I hate under-staffing).

We made our way to the auditorium and, to little surprise, Teresa and I were the only ones there.

“So Teresa, where should we sit-”

“Let's sit all the way in the back, center seats,” Teresa replied. I chuckled but then grew curious of the sultry wink my girlfriend just gave me.

Both of us made our way up to the “nosebleeds” and I was about to let her sit down until...

“Alex, you can sit down. I'll go get us some grub, my treat! What would you like?”

“Okay then, I'll have a medium popcorn and ginger ale.”

“Coming right up!”  And ... there goes that wink again!

I couldn't help but blush right then and there as she left the auditorium. Something is up, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then again...why am I worried? Ugh, I hate how my anxiety perks up at random times. No matter though; I decided to do a couple of breathing exercises to calm me down. It beats having to stare at a blank screen (we arrived way before the ads and previews).

Breathe in...breathe I'm chill.

“Alright Alex, I'm baaack!”

I look down to see Teresa carrying two trays packed with food. One has my medium popcorn and ginger ale, along with a box of candy. The other had a large tub of popcorn, two large trays of nachos with jalapenos, a large soda, pretzel bites, a small pizza pie, and four boxes of candy.

Her appetite is insane!

Making her way up the stairs, Teresa managed to keep the food steady in her hands. I asked for help, but she insisted. Reaching the top, she gave me my tray and...placed hers on the floor next to my seat.

“Whoo! Got the snacks, and we're ready to roll! it me, or is it balmy in here?”

“Well, it is a bit toasty. I'll see if I can get a manager to lower the temperature a little.”

I was about to get up... until Teresa nudged me down.

“It's okay, Alex. I'll manage.”

It was then Teresa unclasped the buttons of her shirt and took it off to reveal a tight-looking t-shirt. She pulled the shirt up halfway to reveal her big belly, whose lower half was constricted in the front of her jeans. Picking up some belly flab, she saw the button and without hesitation removed it. Teresa's belly bulged out of the denim prison and sagged near her kneecaps. The sexy image was punctuated with Teresa letting out a deep exhale of air.

Holy shmackleberries, that was hot!

“Why thank you, Alex!”

Wait, I said that out loud!!?

“Um, you need me to get up or...”

“Stay right where you are, Alex. I got this.” Teresa chuckled and made her way to her seat. She began to move, her body facing me. That's when my face was smacked by her gut. Teresa then tilted forward face was deep in pure brown belly fat.

“Oops!” Teresa chuckled. “I'm such a klutz!”

Instead of being suffocated, I smelled a nice apple scent. Must be perfume or body wash, I thought. I also had a heavy blend of emotions: awe of how big Teresa is, sheepishness of her beauty, and...the return of anxiety of her contact and...

“Teresa, wait!”

The beauty pulled her belly from my face and gave me a worried look. “What's wrong, Alex?”

“I know this is a flirty surprise-and trust me, I like it-but what about anyone who'll watch us? I'm sorry, it just makes me feel uneasy.”

“Fret not, baby. Before I went to get the food, I asked the guy at the box office how many tickets were sold for this showing. He said it was only us two. We got the whole place to ourselves. Plenty of free reign for me to...tease you?”

That calmed me down. “Cool. So... that's what you were doing, teasing me?”

“Yes it was, and it's about to continue. Enjoy the show, baby!”

“Mmrph!” She plopped her belly back in my face without fail. I saw darkness but heard Teresa's giggles and moans.

“You like what you see, Alex? I know you do.”

I raised my right arm to give her a thumbs-up. I heard her chuckle. I heard her grunt as she began to move sideways, her belly slowly wiping my face like a washcloth. In a few seconds, her stomach jiggled out of view. That was when the ads began to play, and I turned to Teresa flashing a sexy, knowing smile. I blushed instantly.

I am sooo lucky!

“Nuh-uh-uh! It's not over yet!”

Teresa turned around and then slowly sat on my lap. I grunted at the sudden heft, but it wasn't too much of a problem. I smiled at the sight of her shirt highlighting her rolls and back fat. However, I couldn't resist looking at her plump posterior. It covered my lap completely and looked like it was about to burst out of her jeans! How can she move in these tight jeans?

“Mmm, ohhh...”

That thought was stopped by Teresa's sudden moans, which had a more orgasmic sound this time. Instantly, my heart pumped faster, my breathing started to deepen and...uh oh...

“Hmm! Someone's excited! He-hee...”



“Relax, Alex. Chill. It's a totally normal response. You've just witnessed sights of pure beauty.” She turned around, gave me a wink, and sent me back to my happiness mode. “I'm not hurting you, am I?”

“Actually, no. I can feel your weight, though. You are one big girl!”

“Big and proud of it! Thank you, my sweet, sexy man!”

Teresa then turned her body sideways and gave me a big, long kiss on the lips. As her lips parted, I pulled her back in for another kiss. I felt more relaxed as I moaned and  pushed into her lips, making her moan. Our lips parted, and that's when I noticed Teresa was blushing!

“Woah... I guess my plan worked out for you. How do you feel?”

“Like I'm in Heaven with you,” I replied softly. “You?”

“Likewise,” Teresa cooed, then giggled.“I told you I would help you with your anxiety!”

“Well, you've succeeded with flying colors, my clever Teresa.”

“You're welcome.”

We shared a laugh and she turned forward and laid her upper body on my face as if I was a recliner. My chair started to creak, with me grunting and my face in her soft back.

“Ahh, this feels nice. You're so nice and comfy, mmm!”

Teresa wiggled and jiggled on my lap, the chair creaking at each move. The way her body moved drove me wild.

“I could just sit here all day...but you need to breathe. Plus, your “excitement” needs some wiggle room.”

She knows just how to make me blush.

“Makes me wish we had...even more privacy.” Teresa licked her lips and winked.

Like I said, she knows how to make me blush.

The previews started. I gave Teresa her food as she sat next to me, watching me stare at the screen. She took her large drink, removed the lid, and started chugging it without stopping. I noticed her taking big gulps, with some soda pouring out the side of her mouth. Placing the now empty cup in the seat holder, Teresa let out a large belch that echoed throughout the theater.


“Nice one,” I replied.

“Thanks, I try,” Teresa giggled.

My girlfriend got up and placed her belly to my ear. She jiggled it with both hands.

“What can you hear, Alex?”

“I think I hear the ocean!”

We both cracked up as Teresa leaned forward to me. It may not have been the ocean, but I did hear the soothing sloshes and gurgles of her gut, along with some bubbling noises from the soda (and possibly whatever she had for breakfast). I turned and kissed her belly, giving it a little rub. This was soo much better than the trailers.

“I love you, Teresa.”

“Love you too, Alex. Now, what do you really hear?”

“I'd say a big breakfast followed by a big pile of soda.”

“Correct! I would also add that the breakfast was pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and a refreshing chug of orange juice.”

“You sure know how to pack it away!” I gave her gut a big jiggle. “Now, I think it's time to reward you with a feeding.”

“Well by all means, feed me baby.” Teresa gave me a smooch on the cheek as she sat back down and gave me her tray. What followed was the awesome sight of me feeding her snacks as she cooed and groaned. Teresa also let me have some of her food too. It felt like paradise until the movie started. We decided to pause. Thirty minutes into the movie, I continued. I took some nachos and fed her. Some of the cheese dripped onto her growing stomach, and that's when I stopped and made my boldest move yet: I leaned forward and licked the cheese off of it. I looked into her eyes and saw her eyes bulge in surprise.

“Wow, I guess my method worked more than expected!”

“What can I say, Teresa? You made me confidant.” I kissed her and we focused on the movie.

I have to say, “Tanger the Doppleganger” was hilarious. People are really missing out on this movie, I thought. My girlfriend and I were cracking up throughout (as well as eating and kissing throughout). Seeing Teresa's belly jiggle with each laugh was a sight of pure joy. I wouldn't trade this experience with anything in the world. An hour and a half later, the credits rolled. We made our way to the exit, throwing out the trash.

“That was so funny! Thanks Alex, for the movie and...other things.”

“You're welcome. Thanks for the therapy.”

“Well, I wouldn't say it's over yet. That action movie “Countdown” is starting in a few minutes. I got the tickets, and it's just us two again. What do you say?”

“I'll say I better get us some good seats.”

“Yes! I'd say I'll get us more snacks!” Teresa kissed me, ran downstairs and thus, our next therapy session was about to begin. My phone vibrated; it was a text from Teresa:

I hope u are...'excited' for more progress, Alex ;-)

Did I mention that she knows how to make me blush!?
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Thanks to all for the massive views! (Plus the llamas are pretty cool, too.)

It's an honor, and quite surprising given the lack of output on my part. It's been a busy time for me.

Chapter 7 is coming, plus more haikus and stories...perhaps when I hit 500k?


Lover of Big Beautiful Women
United States
I'm a 25 year-old who has a great fascination of women of a larger state. That is, women who are curvy, big, or just plain large. Whether it be thighs, booty, or the irresistible big fat belly, it always attracts my attention.

It has been nearly 10 years that I have (privately) celebrated as an FA. I'm not ashamed of admiring big women; I'm just nervous about expressing it to other people (family, friends, etc.)

On my page, you will see weight gain stories of romance, humor, and fun, along with some sketches I've made over my five years here. I will continue to present my work to all of my fellow deviants and FAs.

Current Residence: New York
Favorite genre of music: House, Movie Scores, Classical, R&B, Pop, Electronic, anything good
Favorite style of art: Traditional/Surreal/Abstract
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: My Metro PCS Android Phone
Skin of choice: Black
Favorite cartoon character: Clarence, Dan VS., Ed, Edd, Eddy, Looney Tunes, Mordecai & Rigby

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